Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frames of Life....

First thing's first:  Scroll to the bottom of the page and pause the music player.  Don't mute your speakers, just press pause.  Don't ask why, just do it.  Oh, and right next to the play button on each frame, make sure the little speaker doesn't have a red "x".  If so, click it and you can turn the volume up on each one.

Now, because most of you are far away, and not able to see the kids in live action, I thought I'd make a post with a few little videos.  (See!  That's why!)  They're not Oscar worthy, and most of them have my annoying voice right above the microphone.  Sorry.  But, in the big picture of life, it will be these little moments we'll look back on and be grateful we caught them on film.  Get comfy, settle in, and pop some popcorn, 'cause here we go.....

Welcome to my wild ride!

The kids love having a new puppet in the house.  Now that Jett doesn't just lay around cross-eyed and drooling, they enjoy teaching him new, naughty side-show tricks.  He gets away with it because he's so stinkin' cute.

This next one is a sneak peek at a typical sit down for dinner.  Always a good time here...Oh, and don't mind how many times I said, "hell".  The kids laugh when I do.  It's their fault.  They make me swear.

Ok, it probably seemed like overkill on the videos but the great thing is, you can press pause or stop and skip right over them.  Sadly, some of you may not have thought of that.  Good thing I put the suggestion at the end.  Oopsy for you....hee hee.  Good night!

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  1. Hell!! You said hell like 2 times...hahahaha. No really that was hilarious. And you should think that at 2 years they get better at not chucking their food, but it only has gotten worse! And I had to laugh at those monstrous boots Jett was walking in! Always fun to see videos of your kiddos. :)


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