Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Eas-toh....

Wow!  Has it really been a month since Easter??  Yes.  Yes it has.  Ok, here's the stuff I've been talking about.  Random pictures and cuteness from that day.  I'm not even sure what we, egg hunt, baskets, something like that.  Sounds good.  I'm sure this year wasn't too different from years past.  This is why it's not beneficial to wait a month before posting something.  With that, I'll be catching up on a few other things later this evening as well.....

Dying eggs

The multitude of colors....that all look the same in the end.

Ethan perfecting the dunk.

His favorite color's green.

And I'm not surprised Hailey's going with purple.

Some of the finished product.

Basket's on the porch.

Goodies all over the yard.

He didn't mind that it was starting to rain.

Candy in each hand.  Happy boy.

Big Brother is the funniest!

Notice no one's around.....
free for the pickin'!!
I hope you had a great Easter!  We did!

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