Monday, February 7, 2011

Growing Up Is Hard To Do....

So, I just had to share this.  The pictures are hilarious and will make fabulous conversation starters at his wedding reception.  My little Jett is learning to dislike being told "No".  Any type of gentle scolding or removing from a particular place or setting puts him over the edge.  It's hilarious to watch him lose it.  He throws himself back, lets loose a big howl, and turns the tears on full blast.  The upcoming pictures, however, paint another picture.  He's learned NEW ways to vent his anger.  If this is my precious angel at 1, I'm fearful to see him at 5, or 25.  Haha!  Enjoy...

This is how it starts.  Look at that sweet face.  How can I say "no" to him!
Let me show you what happens when I do....

Here he is biting the table.

Yes.  Very angry right now.

Still biting the table.  Wet eyes and snotty nose too.

Full blown right here.  I like the fluffy tantrum hair.

This is the view from below when he's biting the table.

"Oh, Hi!  Were you looking at me?"

This is what he wanted in the first place.

He just has to get a little chubby hand on the keyboard.

Tears on the cheek....but wait, there's more...

Round 2- throw movies out of the drawer.

Crawl back over and throw the shoes now.

This is why he's mad now.  He doesn't like when we put the gate up.

Throwing himself on the floor....

rolling around..

Look how sad he is.  Poor baby.  Haha.
I know there's a lot of pictures but I just couldn't help it.  I laughed while taking them and I laughed more while posting them.  Now that I'm an older, more "seasoned" mom, I know that this is just one of the many hurdles of parenthood and, fortunately for Jett, his siblings have taught me alot over the years.  It's no wonder the youngest child always seems to get out of trouble.  There's nothing you haven't seen; the older ones have already done it all.

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  1. I love the pics!!!! And the commentary too, so true!!


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