Saturday, October 1, 2011

Operation Vacation....

Ok, so it's been a minute since I've last updated.  Please forgive me.  I seem to have left my head unattached, while running around clucking like a chicken.  The doctor said I should be fine.

When we last "talked" I shared that we were able to check into the hotel to finally get some rest.  Well, I'll just start this off with reality.  At 5 am Jett was up puking on both of us.  It was the greatest sound to wake up to on vacation.  No pesky calls from the fronk desk.  No knock from housekeeping after sleeping in too late.  Just the tiny whimper of an achy-gutted baby, and then the pre-launch guteraal sounds that let you know you have -.02 seconds to get to a tiled area.  Because I missed my cue, I was also covered in the foul smelling lava.  What a way to start the day!  My poor baby was miserable.  (This will tie into future events.  Wait for it.)

Because the last 24 hours had been rough for Jett, (and me), we were so excited to get to the cabin, get our things settled, and relax for the day.  I was just excited they had a laundry facility.  Remember....I had several things to wash already.  :(
Relaxing with popscicles.  It was a humid heat.
We had to eat them fast.

Most of the crew.

Back down, ladies.  He's off the market.
And he's not making that kiss face at you.

My sweet baby.  He was such a little trooper.

Ok, he's done with pictures.  Time to tear the place up!

This was the cute living room.
My feelings will change later, but that's not important now.

The girls' room.

Jett was our roomie.
This would prove beneficial later in the week.

Extreme close-up!!
After a relaxing afternoon, we went to a 3rd of July, "excited tomorrow's the 4th of July", fireworks show held at a near by park.  The kids got a chance to run all over the big field and when it got dark enough, the show went on.  It was a great way to end a crazy day.