Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Summer Fun....

So, here's what stinks.  I had this big plan that I would catch everyone up on our amazing vacation we took this summer.  Yes, I realize it's 5 months later but it's not like I haven't wanted to.  The problem is....I can't find my notebook.

I had a notebook with lots of notes I took throughout our trip to remind me about what happened on certain days.  And now I can't find it.  So, here I sit, looking through the plethora of pictures waiting for the details to come rushing back to me.


Ok.  I'm just gonna have to wing it.

So, on one of our amazing days in South Dakota we decided to go to the Rushmore Cave.  It was amazing!  And freezing.  Fortunately, I had Jett strapped to the front of me in the wrap so I had a little extra body heat.  It did make navigating the slippery stairs a little harder.  My biggest challenge however was not smacking our heads on all the cave chunks that stuck out along the tour.  The kids had a blast and learned a little something too.  Now, if you ask them today, I don't expect they'll remember anything, but it was good for a minute.

On our way to the cave.  Clint's truck is in front of me and
I'm in our rental car.

That hat went everywhere with him.


These girls are always taking self portraits.

I'm not sure how he got separated from
us but I think he liked it.

Can't have a cave tour without pictures of the cave.

They're all in line for the zip line.
Jett and I are at the bottom of the hill.

I don't even know who's on this one.
It may not be our group.  Oh well, action shot.

Clint and Ethan.  My fear of heights makes me clench up.  All
I could think about was my 5 year old shooting out of this thing.

Poor Haiden.  He rode by himself.  He didn't care though.
He was just happy he kept his shoes on.

Almost like a "Where's Waldo" picture.  Where are the girls?

Here they are.  Even if you didn't see them, you heard them.
They screamed the whole way down and the whole way up.
It was such an amazing day!  We had so much fun and we're thinking about planning another family vacation there.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bye Bye Baby....

This July, soon after getting home from vacation, Ethan had his tonsils and adenoids taken out.  He'd had a year of symptoms including sleeping terribly, snoring super loud, and having episodes of apnea.  It was a year of bad sleep for both of us.  While I was looking forward to him finally having relief, I was dreading the actual surgery but he did wonderful!  Recovery was actually harder for both of us.

Getting ready for the doctor.  He was very nervous.

He relaxed a little when I let him listen to my iPod.

And was much better when he was finally able
to sit on my lap.  Moments later we walked back to the OR,
with me carrying him of course.

Immediately after surgery.  He was asleep and tried to smile for
the picture.  Poor baby.  He was so snuggly.  He slept on my lap
for over an hour.  The nurses said it's better when kids wake up
and then fall back to sleep for a little while.  Somehow they seem
to recover better.

After waking up the second time, we got moved into
the little recovery room.  Here we snuggled in bed,
watched cartoons, drank some water, and ate lots of
popsicles and jell-o!

Prior to this moment, he would swear up and down that
he hated jello.  The nurse convinced him to just give it a
try to help his throat.  He LOVED it and asked for three
more cups!  We have a new fan of jell-O!
We went home later that evening, just before dinner, and for the next 8 days, I was certain I was being punished for some bad behavior from the past.

My poor Ethan was pretty miserable.  He hated taking his medicine.  He was sick of popsicles by day 2.  He hated drinking water.  He was the kid they warned me about.  The one that just wanted to sit and starve/dehydrate rather than move his throat, and then when he had to, he would just cry about it.  For the first 5 or 6 days he would wake up in the middle of the night crying because he hurt so bad.  I was glad I decided for both of us to sleep in the living room the entire time.  It made things a little easier.  The crying was not just when he was in pain but also when he had to take medicine.  And when he had to go to sleep.  And when he couldn't sleep in his own bed.  And when he couldn't eat the same things we were.

Some of the foods he cried for were everything, but more specifically, bread, bagels, chips, and chicken.  When I say "cried", I don't mean whining.  I mean full on tears.

The upswing of this was the constant snuggling.  He just felt better when we were on the couch watching movies all snuggled in blankets.  I think he felt pretty special getting most of my attention.

While it was one of the toughest weeks of my life, it was so desperately needed.  Ethan is such a good sleeper now.  And for the most part, so am I.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Summertime Fun....

This is just to wrap up the last little bit of summer craziness, excluding the rest of our vacation though.  Here's some of our life in pictures.....
The cat surprised us all and snuck a dead bird into the house.
She just happened to drop it at the front door, right next to
the Wii gun Jett left out....

We thought about making a chalk outline but I didn't
want the bird in the house any longer than it already was.

Someone's practicing for Easter!

Trying to show us how to hop.

Just a cute picture.
And Haiden's foot is in the background.

When you can't decide whether to play outside
or go snorkeling...

Gives new meaning to the saying, "eyes in the
back of my head".

The profile shot.  I'm not sure what sticks out more,
the goggles or the belly.

This way he doesn't lose them...

Snorkel time!

"OH yeah"!

And when it's just too hot, share the dog's pool.

The dog looks put out.

Who needs a swimsuit!

Cold yogurt on a hot day.
Even better waist deep in ice cold dog water.

I think he's saying what I was thinking about summer,
"HEY, where ya goin'?"
Just to inform: I don't have favorites.  Haiden was out playing with friends and Hailey was doing what she does best as a teenager: hide out in her room.

On to winter......

Last Camping Trip....

We took our last camping trip of the year in August, right after the kids started school.  We packed up everything that six people might need and stayed for three days at our favorite destination; 11 mile reservoir.  We got a pretty good spot and after day 1 almost everyone left.  The kids had a blast!  I'd like to think these are the times we'll remember as we get older and hopefully my kids will want to recreate the same memories with their kids.  I'm sure somehow these little trips will get twisted into stories about what a rough childhood the kids had and how they had to forage for their food.  And now I'll share a few pictures of their uncivilized upbringing.

I love camping breakfast!

So does Jett.
"Gimme them eggs!"

Nothing' cuter than a boy and his food in the wild outdoors.

The crazies take a moment to settle down and eat.

I was asked by Hailey to remove this photo.
I reminded her that if I did, then I'd have
nothing to show at her wedding reception.

A rare photo of the "Camp Master".
At least, that's what he calls himself.

Poor folk lobster......aka, crawdads.

On the hunt....

Notice who's worried about getting wet.

Already has a good arm....

Takin' a little rest.

I just love the blue water and the blue sky...

Jett's new little friend...minnow.

I accidentally forgot to apply sunscreen.
Can you tell?

On the way out I had to yell, "Get'cher Ass outta the road!"
And then the donkey moved.
As much as I love the upcoming holiday season, I definitely miss the camping fun we seem to have every time we go.  Hopefully it's just a few short months until we can make new nightmares...I mean, memories.