Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hang On, It's Coming....

I know many of you have been patiently waiting for me to update my blog.  There's so much to write about, once I finally do, you'll all understand why it took me weeks to get caught up.  So, hang on just a little while longer and I'll make it worth your while.  (I hope.)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Emergency Preparedness....

We've been planning this vacation since January.  We're taking the family on an All-American trip to South Dakota!  Mt. Rushmore here we come!  Crazy Horse monument, prepare to get more crazy!

We're leaving for this road trip tomorrow morning around 5'ish.  Boo.  If you know me at all, you know the morning and I mix like Coca-Cola and a car battery.  Clint suggested I go back to sleep as soon as we're on the road but I kindly reminded him of reality........

All the kids, except Jett, will go back to sleep and I'll be left tending to him and his demands.  When he finally crashes out, and I'm ready to join him, the other beasts will wake up and start whining to me about how hungry they are and bored and hot and how much longer and are we there yet.

By this time, I'm sure we'll only be to Denver and I'll be looking in the glove box for a pen or pencil to thrust into my jugular.  Clint will be in a dazed blur because he'll already be so high on Monster energy drinks that he won't even remember there's other people in the truck with him.

I can't wait for 4:59am.

Jett Says....

In our daily happenings, Jett often goes around babbling and giggling, pretending to be in most all conversations.  And regularly he shouts out commands for a sibling, or myself, to obey.  We think it's so cute that he has his small handful of words that he says.

It wasn't until I put it all to paper that I realized......this kid's a talker!  I sat down with the sibs and compiled all the things he says into one great big list.  36 things to be exact!

·         Shoes

·         Hailey

·         Haiden

·         Dad

·         Mom

·         Mah-ee  (molly)

·         No-no

·         Dink (drink)

·         Shhh

·         Poo-poo & pee-pee  (pointing to his diaper)

·         On (with arms up to be held; like Ron Burgundy "I want to be on you")

·         Down

·         Out (like from the carseat or booster seat at the table)

·         Na-na (banana)

·         Side (telling us he wants to go outside)

·         Des-ee (sister Destini, this is a new one)

·         Puppy

·         Keee (kitty)

·         Hi

·         Hello

·         Bye

·         Ny-ny (goodnight)

·         K (in conversation, like “ok”)

·         HEY! (like getting mad at the kids)

·         Eye (while poking himself or you in the eye)

·         B or beeee (long and drawn out for his binkie)

·         Moh (more)

·         Meh! (after a prayer for Amen, usually yelled, especially during sacrament)

·         Ball

·         Bub (for his favorite cartoon “Bubble Guppies”, said while flapping his arms and shakin' his booty.  He's a dancing machine.)

·         Hide (when he’s playing with the kids and wants to hide from them)

·         Rawr (when he’s the one scaring you)

·         Sissy (the alternate for Hailey)

·         Chee (for “cheese!” with his head tipped to one side, camera ready)
·         Whee! (when he’s flinging something around, like swinging a shirt back and forth in front of him, or on the swings at the park, or related to anything he considers fun)

It's crazy to think that we hear this everyday and we didn't even realize how many things he knows.  He's such a smart little guy.  I'm sure it's because of his wonderful big brothers and sisters.  It's good to think it's cute now.  I'm sure his future vocabulary will make me cringe.  Maybe that's where wrinkles come from.