Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Much Needed Feng Shui....

Do you have a spot in your house that just doesn't feel quite right?

You rearrange.

You switch some pillows.

You move a picture.

You add a rug.

Nothing.  It still feels "off" and you can't figure out why.

That has been the story of my living room for the last 7 1/2 years.  Seriously.  And I finally figured out the problem 2 weeks ago.  It all started with the grand idea of a backsplash.  Stick with me here.  (I know a certain friend who can appreciate this humble beginning.  I blame her for what unfolds next.)

I thought the problem was in the kitchen.  Liven it up.  Add a nice pop of color and brighten everything.  So, naturally, the first step would be to repair small drywall holes and dings in the dining room.  Every good BS job (short for backsplash, not the other stuff) starts in the DR.

Walls repaired.

Now to primer; because somewhere in time we thought it was an awesome idea to paint the room dark green.  (Please don't ask why or how.  It just happened.  And we're not looking back.)

Time for paint.

I finally got my beautiful yellow!  I'm in love with this new color, yet I can't remember what it's called.  (If someone really cares, I'll look it up.)  It's so bright and cheerful and really brightens up the kitchen and LR too.

The brightness makes me smile.
Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong.  Now I'm on this DIY kick and I'm feeling pretty talented.  Plus, I haven't quite done the BS yet, so I press on.

Because the room looks so great, I decide to kick it up a notch and install all new door knobs.  I LOVE them!!  It's amazing how a little piece of hardware can change the look of a room.

(For an update, click HERE.)  Just kidding.  That won't take you anywhere.  When I did the back door, I may have accidentally ripped out a little bit of the door frame, which forced me to manhandle the entire side of it off.  I just tell people we're remodeling to hold off questions until Clint can get home and fix it.  And also, the outside knob to the garage door leading in to the kitchen may have fallen off.  But, I blame Ethan because it was in his hand when it happened, and he broke one of my sliding door handles on my old van.  He's cute so it's not like I can be mad.  There's a chance something wasn't installed right, but that's doubtful.  Consider it added to Clint's "Welcome Home" list.  :(  Sorry, babe.

Ok, the rest is going good, mostly, so now I'm thinking, something has to give with this living room.  And it hits me.  After all this time of disliking our tv in the big space above the fireplace, I finally call Directv and have them move the cable jack.  Then I call the neighbor to lay the cable under the carpet and restretch it.

Fast and assemble new TV stand (which I love doing!).  No, really.  I love putting things together.

Move TV.

Rearrange couches.

Add a few new pillows.  And a rug.

Slide a bookshelf.

Take down a few pictures for a more simplified look and you get the peaceful zen of my new living room!

The view as you walk in.
Hello, cuties!

I kept the stripes.  I still like them.
And I didn't want to repaint.

Different angle.  There's still a little work to do
but overall, I love it.

I feel so much more relaxed.

Now the only thing left to do is pick out a new backsplash.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This thing is barely on.

I made this big dramatic post about gettin' mah groove back and then I fizzled out like this generation's 4th of July sparklers.  ('Cause let's face it.....they don't make 'em like they used to.  We'd light 'em and something was sure to catch on fire, including but not limited to: clothes, hair, flesh, lawn furniture, lawns, etc.  They sparked like a dragging muffler and lasted forever!)

But really.  I constantly have blogging on my mind.  And like the above, I'm constantly making jokes, (to myself, of course), that I think would go great in a post.  Except I have to go in the basement and turn on my dinosaur computer to do it.  And so I tell myself I'll do it another day.  And now it's almost May.  Oh my gosh, I just rhymed!  No way!

(It's sad how many times I've made myself chuckle already.  And used parenthesis.)

Moving forward:

Let me pick a topic, find some pictures, and entertain you for a moment.  I mean, document my family life to preserve history for my children.

We're gonna call this "Random".  Because that's the best way to jump back in.  Shove it all down your throat at once.

For Spring Break we spent one of our days off at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.  I'm a history nerd and I think it's rubbing off on my kids.  They enjoy looking at artifacts from long ago and seeing how life was so different for people before our time.

No field trip is complete without something from the giftshop.
The Lone Ranger meets bank robber.
He loves wearing gloves.

This guy got his first pocket knife.  (I bet he doesn't know where it is now.)
And a suction cup bow and arrow set.

This is Haiden.  Being Haiden.
Just taking this picture made the little brothers laugh hysterically.
And he was so happy with his switchblade comb
and glow in the dark rock.  It's the little things.....

This was not something from the gift shop.
This was sad me.
Getting a root canal just one week later.
I'm thinking of using this for my next headshot, should I ever need one again.

And, as of a few weeks ago, my sweet girl is a working girl!
Wait, not the Julia Roberts, 'Pretty Woman' kind.
We're so proud of her!

This one is just sweet.  All jokes aside, Jett loves his big sissy
and I think she's pretty in love with him too.
So, this was just a screen shot of our life.  A quick flash of a few things that have passed.  Because whether I write about them or not, they continue to pass.  I better play catch up.