Monday, January 2, 2012

Times Like These....

Our summer was pretty crazy, but in a great way!  I'm sure many of you would know more about it if I could ever catch up on my blog.

That's my "resolution" for this year.  Except I don't really believe in resolutions, because I know I need to improve myself all year long and not just at the beginning, so I'm not sure how that's gonna play out.  Anyway....

After one of our many camping trips this last summer, I had the fun chore of washing all the blankets and sleeping bags.  Even though I hate the chore that coincides, I really do appreciate my washing machine, so I took the giant blankets and bags to the laundromat.

I know I complain about the heat here in Colorado but, I really do love summer.  And so do the kids.

While I was in sweating and slaving over washing machines, (or reading my book, whatever), the kids were across the street having a great time.  Our city hall building is just across from the laundromat and during the summer they have spraying fountains that the kids can play in.

And to combat the heat and boredom, that's exactly what they did.  I was able to sit in 100% humidity and look out the window to see them happily laughing and playing in the water.  It wasn't until we got home that I was informed by Hailey that she used my phone to take pictures of it all.  What a great sister!

Ethan and Jett already drenched.
Notice my van across the street, (by Jett's face).

Running for the cool water.  The little white building
to the right is the laundromat.

Jett making his "cheese" face.

I'm sure they were daring each other to do something.

It just looks fun, doesn't it?

Drenched to the core.
He'll be dry in a matter of minutes.

It's times like these I'll want to remember forever.

And hopefully they will...

I think Jett is plugging one of the sprayers with his foot.

Oh yes.  This is how you achieve total coolness.

Cool guy-karate chop.  I think it just blasted Jett in the face.

And that's why he's completely soaked.
And loving it.

I was totally jealous looking out the laundromat windows.

I think they're part Labrador.  They all love the water.
This was such a great day.  I forgot I had these pictures on my phone.  While I was inside, losing half my body weight in sweat, the kids were out making memories.

Don't worry about me though.  The minute I stepped outside, I gained it all back.  And then some.