Monday, February 7, 2011

He Shoots....He Scores!

I said I would update you on Haiden's basketball progress, so here it is.

Haiden is #4.  The game's getting ready to start.
So, this last game was sooo much better than the previous two.  Haiden is so fun to watch.  He gets the biggest smile and constantly looks in the stands to make sure I'm watching.  (It's just me and the kids because Clint goes to school every Sat. from 9-12.)  They won their first game this weekend, though I'm not sure what the score was, and Haiden even made a basket.

I think the best part of the game was when Clint surprised us all and showed up at half time after he got out of class.  I wish I could've captured the look on Haiden's face.  It was the double-take of surprise; seeing not just his mom and siblings, but his dad looking at him and smiling.  I'm literally tearing up just writing this.  These are the moments I live for.  Haiden is my boy that needs constant approval.  He just wants to make us happy.  It was so great for Clint to be there and for Haiden to make that connection.  It was perfect timing.  Not long after he walked in and got comfy in his metal folding chair, a teammate passed the ball to Haiden and he made a basket.  I won't forget the elated look on his face, even when I realized he wasn't looking at me, but instead at Clint.

He's always got those arms up, ready to block their shots.

Team huddle.  His best friend Dylan is #5.

Fan Cam!

Running to get to his position

Waiting for the free throw.

It's always fun to watch and I can't wait for next Saturday!!

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