Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Updates....

I just thought I'd add a few random things.  Life has been pretty typical lately so there's not many stories of wildness to share.  Oh, I did go to parent-teacher conferences Thursday night.  WOW!  Talk about shocking!

Hailey's was first and I was prepared to go in ready to fight.  We've had a few issues with some teachers this year but things seem to be straightening out.  I'm nervous for her to be in HS next year and we've had many talks with her about being more responsible.  Over the last few weeks she's turned things around and we've got less missing work and late stuff.  She seems to be taking us serious.  Finally.

Haiden's teacher usually has good things to report, except when it comes to the subject of his loose lips.  I don't know where he gets it from but the kid has the gift of gab.  Fortunately for him, he's learned to control it a little better and the teacher only had good things to say.  He's got great grades and he's everyone's friend.  Great.  Mr. Popular.

Moving on to Ethan.....his teacher LOVES him!  She said she wished all her conferences could go like his.  He's a great role model to the other kids and always willing to help them.  She's constantly looking for more things to challenge him because, as she said, things are just too easy for him at this point.  Because of this, she's going to finish the semester teaching him addition and subtraction.  She said she hates to make Preschool like Kindergarten but there's nothing left that challenges him and she's very excited for him.  In her words, "I'd like to see where this guy ends up in 20 years!"  I could go on and on but I won't.

The weather has been crap-ola lately and I keep hoping for Clint's sake they'll call him off work because of it.  No such luck so, almost all of last week was in the negative numbers and he was working his butt off everyday in it.  Freezing, I'm sure!
Even the dogs are excited for Dad to get home.

He's still cold, even with 15 layers on.

Jett has developed a new talent.  He loves to play the harmonica.  We only showed him how to do it once and I thought it would be something that took him a while to figure out but, unfortunately for me, he picked it up first try.  Now, he serenades us often and loudly.  Here he is playing a little ditty for us all.  Don't mind the background chaos.  It's just life here and should explain why I have my moments of craziness.  Haha.

I also caved and turned the car seat around.  I wasn't going to do it for a while just because I felt like he was safer facing backward but after swapping the seat to Clint's truck, and him getting a taste of some new scenery, there was no going back.  He loves it!

Hold out a few days.....I should have new things to report.

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  1. Haha how cute little Jett is facing forward. When Chloe started facing forward she was in scenery heaven!

    Sounds like your kids do great in school and that is awesome! I was so quiet in school, but as I got into like 5th and 6th grade I started becoming the teachers pet! ;) Being the teachers pet is so KEY in school. It makes all the other kids jealous. Hahaha. Good luck to Hailey in HS! That will be fun! :-P


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