Friday, July 1, 2011

Emergency Preparedness....

We've been planning this vacation since January.  We're taking the family on an All-American trip to South Dakota!  Mt. Rushmore here we come!  Crazy Horse monument, prepare to get more crazy!

We're leaving for this road trip tomorrow morning around 5'ish.  Boo.  If you know me at all, you know the morning and I mix like Coca-Cola and a car battery.  Clint suggested I go back to sleep as soon as we're on the road but I kindly reminded him of reality........

All the kids, except Jett, will go back to sleep and I'll be left tending to him and his demands.  When he finally crashes out, and I'm ready to join him, the other beasts will wake up and start whining to me about how hungry they are and bored and hot and how much longer and are we there yet.

By this time, I'm sure we'll only be to Denver and I'll be looking in the glove box for a pen or pencil to thrust into my jugular.  Clint will be in a dazed blur because he'll already be so high on Monster energy drinks that he won't even remember there's other people in the truck with him.

I can't wait for 4:59am.


  1. that sounds just like when my fam went on road trips to Utah. Gotta love the "are we there yet?" a million times! Have fun in Mount Rushmore. Been there and it's way cool.

  2. I saw a pic of your new hair cut and I love it!! (I make dust let me get on his facebook sometimes. Ya, I am a loser and don't have one:) It seriously fits you perfectly though! Do you love it?
    How did your vacay go? We want to see some pictures. Um, and i am pretty sure you should plan another trip to UT:)

  3. Hey, Shannon!! Yes!! I love, love, love it! The final picture that made my decision was the one of you with Melissa when you guys went to dinner for her birthday. You looked adorable!

    As far as the vacay, I have to blog!! There's so much to post and I've been such a slacker. Overall it was good, but I definintely have some stories to share. I really want to go back out to Utah, and I'd LOVE to see you and Dusty when we go! That little Navy-girl is getting so stinkin' big! And still adorable, of course.


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