Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Camping Trip....

We took our last camping trip of the year in August, right after the kids started school.  We packed up everything that six people might need and stayed for three days at our favorite destination; 11 mile reservoir.  We got a pretty good spot and after day 1 almost everyone left.  The kids had a blast!  I'd like to think these are the times we'll remember as we get older and hopefully my kids will want to recreate the same memories with their kids.  I'm sure somehow these little trips will get twisted into stories about what a rough childhood the kids had and how they had to forage for their food.  And now I'll share a few pictures of their uncivilized upbringing.

I love camping breakfast!

So does Jett.
"Gimme them eggs!"

Nothing' cuter than a boy and his food in the wild outdoors.

The crazies take a moment to settle down and eat.

I was asked by Hailey to remove this photo.
I reminded her that if I did, then I'd have
nothing to show at her wedding reception.

A rare photo of the "Camp Master".
At least, that's what he calls himself.

Poor folk lobster......aka, crawdads.

On the hunt....

Notice who's worried about getting wet.

Already has a good arm....

Takin' a little rest.

I just love the blue water and the blue sky...

Jett's new little friend...minnow.

I accidentally forgot to apply sunscreen.
Can you tell?

On the way out I had to yell, "Get'cher Ass outta the road!"
And then the donkey moved.
As much as I love the upcoming holiday season, I definitely miss the camping fun we seem to have every time we go.  Hopefully it's just a few short months until we can make new nightmares...I mean, memories.

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