Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Summertime Fun....

This is just to wrap up the last little bit of summer craziness, excluding the rest of our vacation though.  Here's some of our life in pictures.....
The cat surprised us all and snuck a dead bird into the house.
She just happened to drop it at the front door, right next to
the Wii gun Jett left out....

We thought about making a chalk outline but I didn't
want the bird in the house any longer than it already was.

Someone's practicing for Easter!

Trying to show us how to hop.

Just a cute picture.
And Haiden's foot is in the background.

When you can't decide whether to play outside
or go snorkeling...

Gives new meaning to the saying, "eyes in the
back of my head".

The profile shot.  I'm not sure what sticks out more,
the goggles or the belly.

This way he doesn't lose them...

Snorkel time!

"OH yeah"!

And when it's just too hot, share the dog's pool.

The dog looks put out.

Who needs a swimsuit!

Cold yogurt on a hot day.
Even better waist deep in ice cold dog water.

I think he's saying what I was thinking about summer,
"HEY, where ya goin'?"
Just to inform: I don't have favorites.  Haiden was out playing with friends and Hailey was doing what she does best as a teenager: hide out in her room.

On to winter......

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