Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Summer Fun....

So, here's what stinks.  I had this big plan that I would catch everyone up on our amazing vacation we took this summer.  Yes, I realize it's 5 months later but it's not like I haven't wanted to.  The problem is....I can't find my notebook.

I had a notebook with lots of notes I took throughout our trip to remind me about what happened on certain days.  And now I can't find it.  So, here I sit, looking through the plethora of pictures waiting for the details to come rushing back to me.


Ok.  I'm just gonna have to wing it.

So, on one of our amazing days in South Dakota we decided to go to the Rushmore Cave.  It was amazing!  And freezing.  Fortunately, I had Jett strapped to the front of me in the wrap so I had a little extra body heat.  It did make navigating the slippery stairs a little harder.  My biggest challenge however was not smacking our heads on all the cave chunks that stuck out along the tour.  The kids had a blast and learned a little something too.  Now, if you ask them today, I don't expect they'll remember anything, but it was good for a minute.

On our way to the cave.  Clint's truck is in front of me and
I'm in our rental car.

That hat went everywhere with him.


These girls are always taking self portraits.

I'm not sure how he got separated from
us but I think he liked it.

Can't have a cave tour without pictures of the cave.

They're all in line for the zip line.
Jett and I are at the bottom of the hill.

I don't even know who's on this one.
It may not be our group.  Oh well, action shot.

Clint and Ethan.  My fear of heights makes me clench up.  All
I could think about was my 5 year old shooting out of this thing.

Poor Haiden.  He rode by himself.  He didn't care though.
He was just happy he kept his shoes on.

Almost like a "Where's Waldo" picture.  Where are the girls?

Here they are.  Even if you didn't see them, you heard them.
They screamed the whole way down and the whole way up.
It was such an amazing day!  We had so much fun and we're thinking about planning another family vacation there.


  1. Love it!! That zip line looks amazing!

    Isn't it great when you finally get caught up.

  2. It feels so good to "start" getting caught up. I went through my pictures and realized I still have so much more. But, it's so fun to go through all the file folders and see pictures I'd forgotten about, even thought it wasn't that long ago.


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