Saturday, April 30, 2011

It Begins With A Seed....

I wanted to write this post about our new garden. After looking at the pictures, the focus quickly shifted south.

Clint and I have discussed planting a garden for a while now and last weekend he and the little boys decided to do it.  With the help of Ethan as the seed dropper guy, and Jett in the cheering section, the process was smooth and precise.  Well, mostly.  I think what they forgot to tell me is they were going to use this "gardening time" to have a secret club meeting.  You know, the "let your butt-crack fall out of your pants" club.

I realize the picture was small enough, but I didn't want to take any chances.
I've carefully placed a star on an area of "over-exposure".

I had to place another tiny star on a smaller area.
(See Ethan)
Notice the onlooker in the grass.

He's in deep thought about whether he's ready to man up and join the club.

This is probably one last question from the club President
to make sure he knows what he's getting into.

There it is!  Moons over My-Hammy!
If mom didn't have my damn shirt snapped at the crotch....
He still gets a tiny star for fearlessness!

And now he looks like he's ready to high tail it outta there!

Wait.... I think he's coming to destroy the film!

Dad showing Ethan where to drop the seeds.
Haha!  Ok, they really were planting some great stuff in our back yard and I can't wait for my garden to start sprouting!  I just had a good time making fun of a few wardrobe malfunctions.


  1. Ahh! We have the same "club" going on at our house. It is a one man club though, maybe someday he can recruit some more members. I actually made Dusty come and look at your post, we are laughing:)

  2. That's looks like so much fun! You will have to post pictures of the garden when it has sprouted!

  3. Your post really cracked me up, so to speak. Hilarious! I have two little guys about that age at my house too. What a great time with their Dad.


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