Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yeah, I Know....

It's not like I don't know.  I'm all over it.  I'm a slacker.  I need to catch up on the blog.  How have I not posted some fo-to's of Easter!??  That was almost a month ago!  Seriously, I've been spending waaay too much time making fun of the unknowing.  (I know you've all gone to the people of Wally-world website, or gotten one of their emails.  Don't judge.  You're guilty too.)

Stay with me.  I don't want to lose you!  You'll keep reading, right?

Blink once for "Yes".  Blink twice for "No".  Blink uncontrollably if you choose not to answer.

1 comment:

  1. I think that I will blink 3x in hopes of seeing your Easter didn't include that one. ;)


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