Monday, February 20, 2012

Back In The Old West.....

Time to catch up on the blog.  Attempt #27.  (This resolution thing isn't going so well....)

During our amazing week in SD, (last summer), we spent one of our fun-filled days at the Circle B Ranch.  What an awesome place!  This was seriously an all day event.  We started out with some trail rides in the rain.  Definitely my favorite way to start the day!

Haiden being hardcore with no jacket.
He put it on later when the rain came down harder.

Same story for Hailey.
You have to at least start out looking cool.

Destini was just fine wearing her hoodie.
However, it was soaked for the rest of the day.

The lineup of the kiddos, including Abbey,
Dale and Krissy's daughter.

And here's me; ready for the weather.  Hat and rain coat.
Kids just don't listen.

The ride was awesome and took about 2 hours.  While all us girls, and Haiden, went riding, Clint went back to the cabin with Jett and Ethan to nap a little and get some rain gear for later.  Ethan was too young to ride with us and he was pretty bummed out.

During the ride, it was nice to feel my horse sense come back to me.  I grew up around horses and it's always fun to get back on them.

At one point, we had to cross a small river with a little bit of depth in the middle.  I was toward the end and watched carefully as the kids crossed.  There were several guides throughout the lineup but as a mom, that doesn't matter.  I still had to have eyes on them myself.  After I crossed there were just a few people left.

Out of nowhere, a lady's horse bolts!  She stayed on for a while but it wasn't long before she bailed off.  When she was crossing the water, her bright yellow rain jacket shook around the horses head and spooked it.  This caused the horse to get the hell out of dodge; only he couldn't figure out why this plastic crap was still on his back.

A few of the guides took off to try to stop the horse and myself and another guide took off to check on the lady.  She was alright, mostly just shaken up, and I'm sure she was a little sore later that day.  Things settled down after someone from the main camp came down to pick her up in the truck.  We then headed back to the barns to end our ride.  Talk about extra excitement!!  (On the way up, after witnessing that little fiasco, I was offered a job as a trail guide.  If only we lived closer.  Haha.)

When that was over, we headed to "town" and the kids got to shoot some pistols with wax bullets.  The three middles wanted to participate.  Hailey did not.  It's ok.  Shooting isn't her thing.  I don't see the military as an option for her future.

Ethan taking aim.
He was so excited when he hit a can.

Haiden's turn.
He also hit his mark.

Destini picking a target.
Either our kids are all good shots, or they had something set up...

This was Ethan's "trail ride".

He loved it.  Notice Mr. Ed's pinned ears.
They were like that the whole time.

Don't let this picture fool you.  He was a beast.
(The pony, not the boy.)

The boys had fun feeding the goats while waiting for the
Chuckwagon dinner.

This goat's thinking, "I wish that kid would spill the bag!"

Like a model at a photo shoot, Haiden chose his backdrop
for his picture.

My love and I.
(The bottle is Cream Soda made right in SD.)

For the second time on this trip, my friend Krissy and I
realized we wore the same outfit; by no sort of planning what-so-ever!
The first time was at the pool when we both
came out in the exact same swimsuit.  Haha!

Daddy and Jetty getting crazy waiting for the "Gun Show".

The "Biscuit Bandit" just ran through town
and stole some dinner biscuits!

The kids were given the opportunity to help chase down the "Bandit".
This is when Ethan turned around and said hell no!  He wanted nothing
to do with this little dog and pony show.
Moments later, the "Bandit" came back through, shooting his (cap) gun,
scaring the hell out of all the kids.  Ethan said, "See, I told you".

One kid enjoying some Buffalo meat, the other Chicken.
(The other one isn't chicken; she's eating chicken.)

The Cowboy Music Show.
Great tunes to enjoy with our Cowboy dinner! 

All filled up and enjoying the music!

This was such a great day.  The fun went from morning 'til night with no complaints from anyone.  Now that's my kind of vacation day!!

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