Sunday, April 10, 2011

Play Time....

I thought this was pretty cute.  I learned about a month ago, that Clint and Jett have their own secret game they've been playing for a while now.  Jett buries his face into the couch cushions to "hide" from Daddy and Clint makes growling noises while patting the couch.  I've never seen such a chubby baby curl up like a potato bug!  He almost makes a complete ball; he can't bury in deep enough!  Clint grabs Jett's ankles and quickly pulls him, face down, across the couch cushions and he giggles and screams wildly!  It's hilarious to watch and Jett's face is priceless.  He loves it!!  When Clint lets go, he almost runs back to the couch cushions to hide again and be ready for the next round.

My initial reaction was, "What the hell are you doing to my baby!", but after seeing the action live, I realized he loves it and Dad wouldn't hurt him, so I put a sock in it.

Here's a few pictures to give you an idea of how it goes....I'll have to get some video next time.
"Mom, are you watching?"

"He can't see me!"

Squish in a little further...

"He got me!!!"

"Are you hiding, Dad?"

Round 2..

Look at his little eyes, squinted shut.

He's loving this!

Ready for more.

His face says it all.  Jett's, not Clint's.  Haha.

This is the fun I want to remember forever.

Stay tuned....there's always more!

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