Friday, June 10, 2011

The End of a Season....

Soccer has finally come to an end.  Yes, I said "finally".  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed going to the games and cheering my guts out for my boys while they played.

What I didn't enjoy:
- Chasing Jett off the field during live play
- Listening to him whine about being in the stroller
- Listening to Hailey whine because she didn't want to take him to the park so he could be out of the stroller
- Answering the business phone in 97 mph winds, not hearing a single word the customer said, and then missing half the soccer game anyway
-Listening to Ethan whine about being hungry every 2 min during Haiden's games, even though he was usually stuffing his face with something during the whining
-Pushing the stroller loaded down with chairs, drinks, snacks, jackets, blankets if it was cold enough, balls and toys, and everything but the kitchen sink, across a gigantic park to provide "comfort" for everyone, only to have the whining start 5 min later.  I looked like a traveling carnival worker and it was usually for nothing.

My favorite game was the one I got to go to alone.  No offense to my family but, sometimes I like to just talk to myself and not have someone answer for me.

Haiden & Ethan's Fan Club President.
He's sitting with the newest member....Maggie.

He even takes pictures with his fans.

Darn that bright sun.

Getting his trophy for the season.

Apparently flash bulbs were going off everywhere.
He didn't know where to look.
That's his team behind him.

No, he's not blinking.  He hates the sun.
Also, that is a bobble-head trophy.
He loves it!
I didn't get to see Haiden's trophy ceremony because they didn't do one.  He was handed a box and told good job.

Again, I'm sad it's over because I enjoyed seeing my boys out there, running around, and having a good time.  They really enjoyed playing.

I'm just glad I now have the possibility of looking like a normal person on Saturdays, rather than an escaped mental patient who wished she could find the parents of these children that keep calling her "Mom".

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