Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jett's 1st Zoo Trip....

Jett went to the zoo for the first time a few weeks ago.  I love to see things through his eyes.  He LOVED it!  We plan on going alot this summer and can't wait to do it again when Destini gets here.

He liked the giraffes the best.

It looks like they're kissing.  They're not.

He was laying down, peeking under the fence, calling this baby giraffe.

He clicks his tongue, tries to snap his fingers, and makes suction sounds.
Animal whisperer in-training.

Hard to see but this is the Meerkat display.  He screamed when he saw them.

Getting dirty.  Another perk to the zoo.

Monkey see, Monkey do.

Feeding the birds.

Notice the grandpa pants pulled up to his moobs.
I had to lift him over my head to reach these little Thanksgiving appetizers.

Jett didn't know whether to be excited for the bird on my shoulder
or eat the seed on a stick.  What to do, what to do??

Ethan wanted to take this thing home.
Then I happily showed him the poo-colored concrete.
Crisis averted.

Cotton candy for the first time!  There's only one picture because
I have enough of him having melt-downs.
No need to continue the documentation.

This is my favorite!  I'm going to do some crop magic to make it closer.

Coming out of the wolf den.

Me too!!

We found the face painters.  Notice the eyes...

You'd think he was a little Prince used to getting facials.

He was so tired I was physically holding his head up so she could finish the painting.
He just melted when that brush stroked his cheek.

Hand on boob.  Now he's good.
Rawr!  (To the baby Tiger, not the boob.)

So cute!

My little snake lover!

This guy was super close.  I'm so glad that glass is 20 inches thick!

Cutest zoo babies ever!  The Orangutans are my favorite!

He just couldn't do it anymore.


I just missed this shot.  The baby was at the glass and put his hands on Ethan's.
It was adorable.  I made an Orangutan lover out of Ethan too!
Ok, don't be too bored.  It's all over with.  Until tomorrow when I add a post about our recent trip with Destini!!  I don't take tons of pictures with animals; we've all been to the zoo before.  I just like to capture my kids' reactions to things, or get those blackmail shots for future use: Prom, dating, graduation, wedding receptions....and so on.

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  1. Oh man Jetts tiger face is just the best! I love it...okay I am taking your idea of getting the "reactions" of the kids instead of just the pics of the animals. I never know what to do with pictures at the Zoo. ;-/


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