Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mommy-Daddy Date Night....

A little over a month ago it was unanimously decided, by me, that The Hubs and I needed a date night.  The last time he took me out to woo me was before I was pregnant with Jett...for my 30th birthday.  We'll just say that was a few years ago.

I made all the arrangements.  All he had to do was show up, drive, and pretend to be interested.  Not too hard, right?

Hailey had a friend come over to help watch the boys so she wasn't totally overwhelmed and out-numbered.  Knowing she had backup, I was able to stop dwelling on how long it might be before Fountain Fire Department was calling me to come home.

With everyone situated, were on our way...

Dressed to thrill...haha.
The loving couple.
 Our first stop was Red Lobster.  Because we were celebrating our new found freedom for the evening, we decided to go big.  Clint got some platter that had a lobster tail, 2 different kinds of shrimp, salad, and rice.  I opted for Tilapia, shrimp, rice, and salad, and of course, we got a basket of those wonderful Cheddar Bay Biscuits too.

It was amazing and, halfway through, we were totally bloated.  But, because this was going to be a magical evening, come Hell or high water, we stuffed our faces.  We also knew it could be four more years before we made it back so it made it easier to fight the gag reflex and just keep shoveling.

It was then that my sweet husband looked at his watch and let me know it was 8:30pm.  We gazed across the table at each other, barely able to keep our eyes open, and declared to one another that we were totally ready for bed.

Again, this magic had been planned for a month and we were gonna see it through, dang it!  We headed to the movie theater to see the nine o'clock showing of The Hangover II, just to find out that it was sold out, so we got tickets for the 10 o'clock show.  Big mistake.

Thirty minutes into the movie, The Hubs was asleep and I was totally disappointed.  Overall, the movie had some funny parts, but I really just thought they were trying to out do the first one.  But really, who cares.  Clint woke up totally confused, not knowing what was going on, so I spent a few minutes trying to get him caught up.  He took that well.....and asked me to just wake him up when it was over.  So I did.  We were both exhausted and drove home a little on the crabby side.  It was after midnight when we finally got back.

In whole, the night was good but I'm old enough to admit that we over did ourselves, just a tad.  I think we've decided to stop pretending that we're as young as we once were.  Next time, hopefully not four years from now, we'll be more than happy to plan a "dinner only" date night.  If we want a movie, we can hit RedBox for a dollar.  That way when we both fall asleep, it won't be a twenty dollar nap.


  1. At least you tried! Just the thought of a late-night date make me tired... Steven and I do lunch dates when we can. Hopefully you two can get out more often and earlier in the evening!

  2. Yeah, Kristin, we've decided to do the same. The earlier the better. We're just not spring chickens anymore! I hate to admit but, I was really content after dinner. If we'd gone home then, I would've been ok. Ya gotta know when to say when, I guess. Lesson learned.


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