Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Part of Our Heritage....

At the end of Fourth grade all the students were assigned a big project that traced their family history and allowed them to learn about where their family came from.  I won't bore you with stats and details but rather, allow you to take a journey through time with photos.  Ok, no I won't, but it sounded cool.   Ha!

Here's a look at the final product; our display board.  I say "our" because the project was supposed to be for the kids and parents.  This was to involve the parents in the kids' school work and allow them to spend time together.  The final presentation was given by the student and their parent or aunt/uncle/grandparent, or whoever was available to help them.

That's right!  We're soo-perr Svedish!
The guitar shape in the middle is the branching off of our family tree.

Here's the family detective and his evidence.
Maybe I should have taken this with me in there....Hmm.

This half naked child represents...a half naked child.
Who's part Swedish.
And half naked.

There was a pin marking the city where we're from
but Jett decided we didn't need it.  I'm fine with it.
It's funner to point and ask, "Here?", "Here?"
"How about here?"

This cute little section represents our ancestors livelihood.
They lived in a lush area and were great farmers.
Apparently it's the recessive gene.
My houseplants are staging a coup.

Pictures of the typical period clothing they wore.
I imagine for a hot date, the ladies would just wear the vest
with no long sleeve shirt underneath.  Sassy!
Nothing says 'Pedicure please" like a flashy pair of wooden shoes.

Food.  My link to history.
This would explain my love of Swedish Fish.
No really, they were invented in Sweden; land of licorice lovers.

A little history about the town; Kristianstad, Sweden

You thought the clubs were hot on Saturday night.
They've got nothin' on this place.
Here they are, tearin' it up before the sun's even down!
As for me, apparently I'm genetically wired to be this good.

I think this picture speaks for itself.
So there it is.  A slice of our family history in a nutshell.  The oldest relative we went back to was born in 1410.  We don't know much about him, but that just leaves it open to do more investigating.  This was all found on my dad's, dad's side and I've barely scratched the surface on his mom's side, or even my mom's side.  Confused yet?  Me too.  Whose blog is this??!

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