Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Summer Goodness....

There's a truck in Colorado Springs called The Cupcake Truck.

It's an extension of a bakery in Denver called Cake Crumbs.  The owner makes fabulous cupcakes, posts on Facebook where he'll be and for how long, and then parks and sells cupcakes!  I've made several attempts to track him down and indulge, but always seem to run into a snag.  Usually from children that move like molasses only when I'm in a hurry or lack of sleep forcing me to sleep in and miss the window of opportunity.

Clearly I've been on "Mission: Cupcake".  It's one of those things where, once I conquer, I'll be over it.

So, today was our day.  We headed to America the Beautiful park in the Springs, purchased cupcakes with names like, "Vanilla Party", "Chocolate Overload", "Mile-high Mocha", "Pikes Peak Pistachio", and "Colorado Snowball", just to name a few; and then drifted into cupcake utopia.

They were marvelous and I have a few photos to prove it....

Pretending to be shy.
That's a Vanilla Party in his hands and......

Yes.  Yes, it was a party in his hands.

Here's the gang I brought with me, enjoying the sweet goodness!

It doesn't get any sweeter than this!  XOXO
It's finally summer!  Enjoy the ride!!

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