Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OMG! Here I am!

Oh man!  Is this for real?  Am I really a blogger now!?  This has been long overdue, I think.  I attempted this once before and, for whatever reason, I never followed through with it.  I didn't even make one post....but...anyway....  Apparently blogging is for those that have a lot to say.  (Tommy Jo, did I use "a lot" correctly?)  We'll see how this goes; I have been known to talk alot though.  (Damn, there it is again.)

I have this thing for proper grammer and spelling and was recently schooled by my BFF on the proper use of "alot" and "a lot".  Oddly though, when I typed her into the ol' Merriam Webster dictionary online, nothing came up.  Hmm....I may have to investigate further.  Until then, welcome to our crazy life!  I think you'll like it "ALOT".  (I kind of hate that word now.)

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